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Now here’s a slot that has and continues to be a must-play for everyone. While it came out to mixed critic reception, fans loved this game. So much so that it still dominates the charts of top played games!

Just about every developer under the sun tried their own take on the Starburst formula. Not that any ever came close to rivalling the original in its simplicity and superb gameplay, even NetEnt, which had numerous successful releases since.

All new titles do well, cling to the top spot for a while – but none have managed to dethrone Starburst as king. If you are a fan, you can hop on over to Loyal Casino and try it out immediately! Alternatively, read on if you want to know why this 2013 slot is still #1 almost six years later.


There is nothing particularly mind-blowing about Starburst’s graphics. They were fantastic for their time, and still hold up quite well. There is something appealing about their simplicity.

The gems come in multiple colours and shapes, and glow slightly when part of a winning combination. The faint glow of a distant star is the only thing that illuminates the reels from the endless darkness of space.

What really seals the deal is how awesome it feels to play and win. There is no way to miss a win – the entire screen flashes brightly, and that icon temporarily expands to draw your attention. An upbeat tune plays for a few seconds, before things return to normal.

That perfect blend of great animations and sound design really set Starburst apart. And it continues to be one thing NetEnt does better than anyone else on the market.


But even the best graphics mean very little if the very core of the game is rotten. And with Starburst, it is anything but! Its deceptive simplicity cannot hide a few important things – its volatility, high RTP, and the fact it pays both ways.

If your gambler terms are not up to snuff, volatility determines how risky a specific title is. The higher the variance, the likelier your odds are of losing everything. In contrast, high volatility slots often have the best jackpots around!

Starburst is popular because it provides a safe and fun experience. Casual players can jump in anytime and enjoy themselves without worrying about careful budgeting. Meanwhile, experienced gamblers use it as a ‘grinding’ game, to push past a casino’s wagering requirements on bonus cash.

You also have to consider how fun Starburst is to play. There is almost no downtime between spinning the reels. It also pays both left to right and right to left. Nowadays, we are used to this system, but back then, it was quite a novelty.

Special Feature

When a Starburst Wild appears on the second, third or fourth reel, it will expand to cover that reel. Each reel that is covered grants gamblers a single re-spin, up to a maximum of three.

Yes, there is only one bonus available for this slot. But unlike so many other games, this works towards its benefit. Keep in mind, Starburst is all about being simple and fun. Re-spins and expanding Wilds are easy to understand, and happen frequently thanks to the low volatility.


We covered all the individual pieces, so let’s put them all back together.

The graphics were visually simple, but aesthetically superb. The winning animations and sounds were top notch, and usually paired with fantastic prizes. It speaks volumes that Starburst’s graphics look gorgeous even after six years have passed.

Visual simplicity is followed by mechanical simplicity, as well. The low volatility and high RTP made it a safe choice for new players to start their first journey into slots. At the same time, experienced gamblers saw its potential as a grinding game, and hopped on board. Starburst was in the right time and the right place to bring two very different camps under the same roof.

All of these elements come together to create a perfect storm. The success of Starburst was just as dependant on its quality as the time it released. Just like Gonzo’s Quest, it showed the potential of what slots could be with new and powerful hardware.

So, until VR brings the next batch of innovation to our doorstep, you too, can try your luck with Starburst at Loyal Casino. Join in on the fun, and experience for yourself why this 2013 NetEnt release still reigns supreme after so long.