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Mega Moolah

The idea of progressive jackpots seems ingrained in our current hobby, though it was not always the case. Certainly, physical machines usually worked under such a premise. But progressive jackpots were not really popularized for online play until Mega Moolah came around.

Keep in mind, this was all the way back in distant 2006. Microgaming were not the first ones to try the idea, but were the first to execute it well. And as any seasoned gambler will tell you, that is the only thing that matters.

Mega Moolah used to be the go-to progressive jackpot for many players, and still remains so to this day. You can try it out at Loyal Casino and see what the fuss is about yourself! Alternatively, read on and immerse yourself in its riches.


The Microgaming of today tends to slack off when it comes to graphics. But when this slot came out, it set the standard on how it should be done. A detailed background image, detailed symbols on the reels, and a theme that wasn’t just boring fruits? Many people fell in love for that aspect alone!

Still, you can tell online gambling was still at its infancy. The user interface still emulated physical machines in layout and design. Nowadays, that trend has gone in the opposite direction, and everything is made with touch screens in mind. But that’s the slots industry for you, endlessly chasing trends.


The gameplay is not Mega Moolah’s strong suit. It has some interesting special features, but nothing that compares to its progressive jackpots. This title was never going to win people over with just the fun factor. Not when its medium volatility was accompanied by a god-awful RTP of 88.12%.

At medium variance, gameplay should be balanced between lots of small wins, and one huge jackpot score. Mega Moolah does fit into this category – it has other special features, and keeps you occupied while chasing the progressive.

We would enjoy the game a whole lot more, however, if the RTP was not so awfully low. This is a relic of a bygone era – physical machines could be brutal with their house edge back in the day. In 2006, this RTP probably would not catch much attention. But over a decade later, we have to warn gamblers what they are getting into.

Mega Moolah was likely the first progressive jackpot for many gamblers, us included. But the real reason it is played to this day is not its age, or gameplay.

The real reason is the fact the mega progressive starts at €1,000,000. That is not the limit, that is the bare minimum! So if you wanna play progressive jackpots, you might as well go after the biggest one of all.

Special Features

Collecting three or more Scatters grants 15 free spins. During the special feature, all wins are tripled. It is possible to retrigger the bonus.

When a Wild is part of a winning combination, it doubles the awarded cash prize. This 2x multiplier can be paired with the 3x multiplier from the free spins.

While the bonuses are simplistic, they are still fantastic value for money. We have no doubts Mega Moolah would have been successful even without progressive jackpots. Just not nearly –as- successful as with them.


When it came out, this Microgaming release had top notch graphics. Sadly, that being 2006, means they look quite outdated compared to modern slots.

We do like the core elements of its gameplay, too. The special features are simple, but very fun, and can net you some great wins under the right circumstances. The medium volatility also keeps gamblers on their toes. Really, the only downside is the RTP, which is awful compared to today’s games.

But the real reason Mega Moolah remains as popular as it does is its progressive jackpots. The largest one remains in a league of its own, guaranteeing millionaire status regardless of when you win it.

So, if you feel you have what it takes to beat Mega Moolah and conquer its four progressive jackpots, you can do so at Loyal Casino. Try your luck – you might just find yourself a million euros richer.