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What are online slots?

A slot machine is a gambling machine found in a casino and allows players to spin its reels with a single to stand a chance to win real money. An online slot machine is just a digital version of this found on online casinos. The first slot was introduced in 1891, which, as can tell, it was a mechanical slot. Since the then, slot machines have taken over the casino industry, becoming the most popular and well-liked casino game of all time.

Look at all the slots available
Compared to slot machines of the 1890s, modern versions have offered players a richer experience due to being packed with exciting features. In fact, many casino aficionados would argue that online slots provide a better gambling experience than mechanical slots. If you are new to online slots, then keep on reading as we explain how to get started.

How to play online slots

First of all, it is important that slots have no experience level; you can be a complete newbie and still win as much a seasoned veteran. It is because of their shallow learning curve that slots are the game of choice for many gamblers on Loyal Casino. This does not mean that they aren’t a few things which you must pay attention to if you want to maximize your winnings (more in this later). For now, it is just good to know that if you just want to sit back, relax and spins some reels, that is also acceptable gameplay. Basically, playing a slot comes to these steps:

  • Set your bet amount
  • Activate paylines
  • Set how many coins per payline
  • Press the “SPIN” button
  • Wait for the result; it can be a win or a lose

With most online slots, you should be able to enjoy them using the above-mentioned steps. Depending on how advanced the slot is, a couple of things can happen besides just a win or loss. For example, you can trigger bonus rounds or win Free Spins. To find out more about the online slot you are playing, just take a look at its instructions, and you will know all you need to know.

What do I need to know to make the most of online slots

If you haven’t run to enjoy the slots just yer, then you probably want to know more about playing online slots. To make the most of your slot gameplay, you should know the following terms.


This is the amount you wager on every spin. Before you hit the “SPIN,” you can adjust it upwards or downwards. It is tied to a coin value, which you can also adjust upwards or downwards. By adjusting these two values, you settled on a wager you feel is in line with your bankroll.


Reels are what spin when you start playing a slot machine. The original slot machine had only three reels, but these days, the average number of reels is five. Basically, the more reels a slot has, the more advanced the slot is – also, the more fun.


Symbols the play pieces found on the reels, and usually, you have to line up three or more matching symbols to score a win. You have basic symbols as well as special symbols. The special symbols depend on the slot you are playing. Here the two most common special symbols you will find on online slots:

  • Wild symbol: The basic behaviour of wilds is that they replace all other symbols in the games. In some slot machines, the Scatter symbol is the exempted from their swapping effect.
  • Scatter symbol: These are what make slot machines fun because they unlock the game’s rewards. These can in the form of bonus rounds, Free Spins and multipliers. While other symbols need to be a payline, the same is not true for Scatters – as long as you get three or more anywhere on the reels, you unlock the reward.


Paylines (bet lines) are what dictate how symbols need to be lined up for you to win. The more paylines the slot machine has, the more ways you have of winning. A slot machine can have 10, 25, 250 or even 250 paylines. Paylines need to be activated, and the more you activate, the more you bet increases.


So how do you know how many paylines a slot machine has and how much they pay? By looking at the paytable because that is where all the information is found. So be sure to look at the pay table before you starting spinning the reals.

Return to Player (RTP)

The RTP is the amount a slot machine will pay back to the player based on their total wager. For example, if the RTP of a particular slot machine is 95% and the player makes a total bet of £100, the slot is expected to payout £95 over time. However, one must know that this amount is not guaranteed that the slot will indeed payout this amount. It is just an estimated between 0% and 95%.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

Understanding that a slot machine uses a random number generator is crucial to escaping the myth that one can influence that result of a slot machine. What this means is that each spin is random and independent from the ones preceding it.

For example, there’s a myth that slot machines that have paid out in a while are due for a massive payout. Another myth states that a machine that just paid out is not due for a payout anytime soon. By knowing that each spin in random and independent quickly from past spins dispels this myth.

A brief overview of an online casino jackpot

Slot have jackpots, which the highest amount a player can win on a single machine. There are two jackpots:

  • Fixed jackpot: This is the set amount that can be won on a single slot.
  • Progressive jackpot: This jackpot is not fixed and continues to rise until somebody wins it all. Slots that with this type of jackpot are called progressive slots. Winning a progressive jackpot requires time and patience, meaning you should only play progressive slots if you are in it for the long haul.