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The Basics of Keno

Favoured by many gambling enthusiasts across the world, Keno is a game all about luck. Now, we know what you are thinking. Well, of course, all table games have an element of luck to them! And that much is true. But none are as luck dependant as keno is. You are entirely at the mercy of the random number generator.

The lack of any strategy will no doubt turn off some gamblers. But it will equally attract others who do not have to worry about anything but picking numbers. Unfortunately, Keno fans will not find any available games at Loyal Casino right now. But, when the operator does eventually add it, you will want to be prepared! So, purely out of the goodness of our hearts, we made this handy guide to explain the very basics.

The Game

Keno may seem intimidating at first glance, but it is quite easy to get a grasp of. You pick whatever numbers you like on the keno ticket. The more numbers you choose, the bigger the prizes get. However, you also need more balls to display the right numbers to get the minimum win.

A total of twenty numbers are randomly drawn by the keno machine. If enough of them match your picks, you win that round. However, if not enough numbers line up with your choices, then you lose everything you bet. The choice of numbers is entirely random, so feel free to pick whichever ones you want.

The minimum number of picks is usually one. We have seen online keno games that demand you put down at least two picks before they let you spin. Unless otherwise specified, all keno titles cap the maximum amount of numbers at 20.

Depending on the sort of online keno you are playing, you may occasionally encounter paytables. These will usually list how much each combination will net you if you win it. Usually, casinos will try and tempt you with huge jackpots for lots of numbers guessed correctly, but don’t fall for it!

If there is one ‘trick’ to Keno, it is to keep your number of played spots as low as possible. The more numbers you add, the less likely it is to hit the jackpot. After all, matching all nine out of eighty numbers is far more likely than matching all twelve.

Finally, some versions of Keno have also added special features. Multipliers, free spins or instant cash prizes – rather reminiscent of video slots. Unfortunately, how good these bonuses and promotions are will usually vary from game to game. If a special feature looks quite good, make sure to read the rules thoroughly before committing.